Tuesday, June 07, 2011

from this...

boring grey dress that i got two year ago from american eagle. it's been sitting in my closet for a bit, i kept hesitating to toss it in the give away pile, even though i might have worn it twice since i bought it.  pickings are slim in the bottoms department in my closet, so i thought i would try and rework this dress into a skirt.  i took this ruche tank and gathered it up in the back to make it shorter and secured it with a hair tie, then i tucked the access bit of my tank top under itself in the back and hid the 'knot' with my belt.  added my favorite cardi and some floral black tights and bam, a new look! not bad considering i threw this together in the five minutes i had to get dressed this morning.  

 tank/cardi/shoes: ruche; dress: american eagle; belt: dynamite; tights: walmart

 remember these tights that i had in nude? finally picked up a pair in black....love this pair so much more! and it doesn't look like my legs are covered in a rash.
my at home manicure...so happy my nails are growing (and i've stopped chewing!)


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jana said...

ooohhh love this!!
way to go turning the dress into a skirt!! (i'm so bad at that!!)