Monday, July 04, 2011


me @ 37 weeks 
anything over 38 weeks is roughly too embarrassing for this blog!
at this moment i was topping the scales at 187 pounds, and yes i gained more before giving birth.

so, where did i start out? i guess it's the same story for anyone else who was a 'skinny teenager', always small during high school (115 lbs) and then steadily staying the same and creeping up as i got older.  i always used to say 'i'll never see the scale hit 130', then one day i got on and i weighed 140 lbs...oops!! 
that was about the year i got married, which was great motivation.  i ordered my wedding dress one size too small so i had no choice but to get my butt in gear and lose some weight.  during the spring and summer before i got married i dropped 15 pounds...140 down to 125.
of course, what else happens afterwards? yep...i crept back up. this time to my heaviest (at that point) to 150 lbs... in april '09 i kicked myself in the ass again, and quickly dropped 5 pounds before i found out that i was pregnant.  i stayed at 145 for six weeks when things went on their way up and nine months later i had baby boy and 46 pounds to my name! thankfully, my weight dropped quickly. 27 lbs in the first few days, then dropped until i plateaued at 160 lbs....over the months that dropped a bit more.  i was in frumpy mom mode, too tired to exercise, too 'fat' to care...luckily breastfeeding helped me drop some more and i stayed at 150 for awhile.  

right now i'm down to 136 goal is to get to 130, which i am hoping to get to by the time i go to a wedding at the end of the month.  what kicked me into gear? 
i started in november 2010 but took a few breaks here and there until about May 2011....running steadily has really helped me slim out....i was getting a little discouraged having the scale not moving, but my clothes getting it looks like that scale is and will hopefully continue to move.

as long as i can keep my motivation up there
hopefully by putting this 'out there', it will help me stay on track
i've been running six days a week (trying to run over 6K with each work out) and over the weekend i added weights to my regime.  

i'll keep you updated on how that goes.
for now, i'm just trying my best to say bye bye to frumpy mamaSTYLE!



jana said...

you've already said goodbye to it!! you look great! dont lose too much more!! :)

Joanna said...

Congrats! Pregnancy is a trial for most women. And keep it up, but remember it's not so much about the scale numbers but about how strong and healthy you are :) You look great!

If you need any info or advice, I've taught kung fu and tai chi for years and that includes a large amount of nutrition and general anatomy/exercise information.


Amethyst said...

you look great congrats i didn't know running actually did a whole lot!!! now i'm more motivated :) thanks bunches hun...oh how did you do it in the beginning lol? it's killer on the legs

Ashley said...

You look great and are so inspiring. I would definitely enjoy reading more posts about this. :)