Monday, August 29, 2011

the industry...

ruche has done it again with their latest look book, the industry, which you can view here.
 their looks well put together and inspiring, i'm excited to add some of their new pieces to my closet.
hey, i didn't toss out two garbage bags full of clothes on the weekend for no reason did i??

once i added this entire look: blouse, blazer, pants and shoes to my cart, i just had to 'check out', right? right guys??

i really wanted the glasses too, but i'd be walking around blind with those things.

for good measure, i also added this blouse to my fall collection

and this fun bird scarf

i'm super excited for these pretties....

the color, the t-strap, the bow?
so much to love.



1 comment:

jana said...

those shoes are in that pic. woman, you pulled a me, and bought the ENTIRE outfit. haha
i'm so excited for goodies to share!