Thursday, September 01, 2011

dress swap number three

 dress: ruch; tights: american apparel; shoes: asos
 little monkey wanted in on self timer pics!

 jana stopped in after supper so that we could swap back and re-swap some clothes. it was like heaven in a bag. i have so many new pretties in my closet now that i am really stumped on what i will wear to work tomorrow!  so excited to wear each and every one of these!!
 ruche (no longer online)
 my dress from asos that i didn't blog yet, but i had loaned to j
ASOS (just received today!)

super excited about my 'new' clothes

1 comment:

jana said...

i love your outfit today. and our new asos goodies. and our swapped stuff! yay for wardrobe boost!! :)