Tuesday, September 13, 2011

mama brain...

 dress: c/o ruche (borrowed from jana); knee socks: ruche; shoes: aldo; watch: michael kors
 me so silly....so last week (with a credit from ruche) i ordered three dresses.  do i need three dresses? no. does my wardrobe need some bottoms? yes.  do i have lots of tops sitting unworn because i'm constantly wearing dresses: yes again.  so, i slapped myself on the wrist and vowed to jana that 'i wasn't buying anymore dresses' or maybe it was 'don't let me buy more dresses, something to that affect, but you get the idea right? fast forward to today whilst i'm window shopping at ruche again, in the bottoms section at least, i discover that two skirts that i love have magically appeared in my size.  in an hurried blur i tossed them in my cart and checked out.....except i also had a dress in my cart too...so yea, i bought a dress...like barely a week after my declaration.  mama brain fail...

i love goldddddddd (i love goldmember!)




jana said...

so pretty!!! i love the knee socks with it! i need some!!

and yes, it was "don't let me buy more dresses"... but then i totally said "you should order that dress"... haha


Joanna said...

Can you wear any of your tops over your dresses, thereby turning dresses into skirts?