Friday, September 09, 2011

numbers game + gym essentials

some numbers:

-currently, i weigh 60 lbs less than when i walked into the hospital to give birth
-15 lbs lost since november
-14 lbs less than what i was when i found out i was pregnant

now, some of my gym essentials, without which not a pound would be lost.
i swears.
 a high pony, i can't exercise with my hair in any other formation
 reading material//netflix material. love to get my mad men on, but i am savouring the last few episodes
 lululemon, i do believe the material helps melt away fat.
 comfy kicks; i would also include my nike+ sensor in this post, but the battery is dead and therefore it's dead to me.
 miss jillian and her 30 day shred. currently on day 4. currently still hating all exercises.
 a treadmill since i'm not a good out door runner
walking away the pounds!


Joanna said...

Great job! I'm so glad you're doing things slowly - that's the healthy way! And I can't live without my treadmill. If I don't do a hard hour long run every few days I get irritable and overly energetic! I drives Husband crazy!

jana said...

i definitely concur with the lululemon. i've had the same experience. it helps to lose! haha