Thursday, January 05, 2012

lets get naked....

 It was only just last month that I finally purchased the original naked palette from urban decay. A few days later Naked 2 appeared for sale in the US.  At first I thought, I don't need the 2nd edition since the palette in the 1st edition looks like it be perfect for the looks that I like.  I thought of myself as more of a 'warm' color person.  I received the original naked palette and I love it, so much more than just seeing the swatches online, in person it's beautiful.  However, I, as you know, has zero self control.  If I could love one palette, I must have room in my heart for another...right?  I couldn't even wait for it to come out in Canada.  I begged a friend, who lives in the US, to sign up for restock notification at Urban Decay, and when it came in she purchased it and then shipped it to me in Canada. 
 The picture above does not do the beauty inside this palette justice.  It contains 12 full sized shadows in a mix of frosty and matte shades; this palette is much cooler than the original featuring taupe and brown shades, which as it turns out I love so much more.  Also included in the palette is a dual ended shadow brush and a small lip gloss (not shown).  I don't even think I could pick a favorite color out of them all, I have tried every one and love them.  On my eyes here I am wearing verve in my corner, then YDK and busted to smoke out my eye and then black out as a liner.  I absolutely love black out, it's also in the 15th anniversary palette, but I like not having to take out two palettes to get to my favorite black shade.
For a more detailed review, stop by and see what amarixe has to say about the palette! She has some really great photos....



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