Thursday, February 02, 2012

January Luxe Box....

blogging has fallen to the side these past few weeks.  I really thought that I would have more time to blog after the Holidays, but it seems like life has gotten busier! I'll have to blame work being so busy + a boy who is now a two year old who WANTS.EVERYTHING.NOW.  And also his father, who showed said two year old that computers can be used to watch BIKES.GO.FAST.MOM on you tube.

 featured in this super dark picture are about 5-6 perfume samples that I received, as well as a sample of seattles best coffee, a trial sample of biosilk hair serum and a Yves Rocher lipstick

Alas, here are some quick shots of my January Luxe Box by Loose Button.  High fives for me being quick on the draw and reserving one of their full-sized products this month.  I got Benefit's Powda Wowza, which contains two blush samples, a bronzer and a brush.  I had already tried the bronzer (which I love), and I'm equally loving the blushes, especially perfectly pretty!  Looks great layered over the bronzer as well.

If it weren't for scoring the full sized benefit product I wouldn't be overly excited about this months box at all.  I will use the hair serum, oh, and in the white box was also a Shick Hydro Silk razor and a shampoo/conditioner sample.  That will get some use too!!!



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jana said...

i feel the same... kind of a let down luxe box month. especially for my first time. but oh well... ya win some ya lose some! still jealous over the blush :(