Thursday, March 08, 2012

out of the blogosphere and into singledom??

(no picture required)
but that's where I find myself right now.
picking myself up and dusting myself off from a 14 year relationship/five year marriage...

forgive my lack of blogging, but I will be back soon!




jana said...

i'm sure this update will be welcome to all of your readers, wondering where you are! look forward to your return of blogging, seeing your pretty face, awesome outfits, and hearing all about your new chapter in life (in blog form, seeing as i already see/hear all of this in real life)!! love you big time!

Joanna said...

Hope you're doing okay. transitions like these are very tough, hang in there!

lauren said...

you are in my thoughts. i hope you return to the blog world soon...with a big ole' smile on your face! :)