Wednesday, April 17, 2013

i heart basics...

 I've been trying to weed out my wardrobe this spring.  Tossing things I don't wear into a give away pile.  Discovering I have twenty too many t-shirts. Anxiously awaiting to put my fall/winter dresses away.  But discovering that I needed some more basic pieces.  Something I can thrown on with tights and heels or ankle boots and I'm ready to go out for a drink or dancing.  Definitely not something I would ever wear to work! I always seem to gravitate towards the one basic black dress (like above) all the time.  Thanks to H&M I was able to add a few more basics to my closet on the cheap.
I picked up the above dress in royal blue and in a wide black & taupe stripe.
 I picked up this dress in the same neon pink as the first picture.  For 14.95$ for each piece I consider that a steal!
 Kicking myself for not picking up the above skirt ($6.95 in black because I love the combo with the blouse.  I did grab it in the same wide black and taupe stripe as one of the dresses. 
I also grabbed this skirt on clearance for 10$ A great basic that I can also wear to work.  
More bang for my buck on the deal...gotta love that!

I also grabbed some basic heels as I needed some mid-heel basics that I could wear to work and they are comfy to wear for a night out as well.

Here Avery is modeling my nude ones, he loves shoes!



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Joanna Haughton said...

I'm loving the new H&M Icon Collection. Can't get enough :)