Monday, November 14, 2005


Thanks, Shelley! For pointing out that not everyone can leave comments!! I changed my settings, so start commenting people!!

Who is waiting for my scrapfest update?? Let me just say, I had a blast!! Trying to get all my pics together before I post!


Anonymous said...

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Jana said...

Thank you for changing your settintgs! I've been trying time and time again to leave a comment, and I thought I was just too stunned or something!! haha... glad to hear you had a good weekend... waiting for the details.
Did you scan those pics from Neil's album?? I'd like to get copies of them as well... I'll just save them on a disc or something if thats what you did. I haven't seen that album since Chandra and I brought it to her, I'd love to see it again, so if you didn't already bring it back, lemme know and i'll go see it at your place.

Shelley Rankin said...

Hey girl glad to see you got all the pics up. I will send you some more of Lisa, you, Nic and I in the room but I sent you the best one I think. Let me know if you want the rest. Kind of repetitive but will send. Also I will send some others today. Was busy.

Had a blast lady. So great hanging with you. Updated my blog to link to yours. thanks for changing the settings so I could at least post a comment! :P


Anonymous said...

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