Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My roomies

I had two great roomies this weekend! Nichole & Shelley, haven't seen them since April, so it was nice to touch base with them again.

We chatted like a bunch of school girls, I stole Shelley's room key making her think she was losing her mind, but it was actually me with the memory problem! LOL!

It was a good time. We had an awesome late supper Friday night at The Lone Star, just the 3 of us. Tena & Donna were maybe going to join us, but they had some obligations at the crop. We had some awesome fajita's and met this cute little old lady waitress who just had an extreme makeover! Complete with botox and everything, she was really sweet!

After supper we made more plans to meet up with Tena & Donna, but the bar we wanted to go to was closed, and it was pretty late by then. They were both beat from teaching so we all called it a night.

Then at midnight Lisa Bearson called!! She knew Shelley won CK's HOF 2005 and wanted to meet her. So she made plans to stop by the next morning. Talk about stressful sleep!

Saturday morning, after our Lisa visit, Nic went to class, so Shelley and I went to breakfast with Tena. Let me just say that Tena is one awesome chick!!!

Nic, Shelley, and I went shopping for a bit Saturday evening, then back to the hotel for supper. Shelley decided to go spend some time with her sister & her nephews Saturday night.

Nic & I went to our evening class, then cropping afterwards.

I got to see Shelley again on Sunday before I left where she agreed to be my wedding photographer!!! I couldn't be anymore pumped, look at her pics!!

I had a blast girls! Can't wait to see you two again!

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