Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I'm completely obsessed with Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. I could eat them every day and every year for my birthday I ask for one. I haven't gotten one in about four years. So this year I practically threatened Jamie that I would cut off body parts and torch his Mustang Cobra if I did not get an ice cream cake.

He kinda said he would get me one, then told me I had a few birthday surprises. But today there was no trip to Dairy Queen.

At supper I bought myself a 5$ piece of chocolate heaven to ease my pain.

Then Jamie's mom kinda let it slip that a cake might be in my near future.

And it was!!

Jana came back with a super yummy ice cream cake!! Talk about sweet! Thanks Jana!!

It tasted just as awesome as I remember and I can't wait to polish off the rest!!


nadine said...

i love love love DQ cakes! i haven't asked for one for my birthday in a long time either, but i think that this year, i will!

jana said...

just to let everyone know, my smiles arent usually as retarded looking as that one! snap-happy melissa took the picture while i was eating the cake... its hard to smile with ice cream in your mouth!! haha