Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It was a victory to me that the last few times I visited the liquer store that I didn't get carded. I actually looked old enough to buy the good stuff.

Since I am really feeling old today it felt great to get carded while buying LOTTERY TICKETS today!!

Seriously!! My mom asked me to check her lotto tickets for her so I went to the store and the girl paused and said "You're 19 right?" And I said yea, but she was still just staring and me. So I said, "It's my birthday today and I'm 25!!". She just stared at me dumb founded!! She really did not think I was serious!

Totally made my day, turning 25 and to her I barely look 19! I'll take it!!


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nadine said...

that's awesome. i still get ID'd at the bar, but not very often at the liquor store anymore, and NEVER buying lorrery tickets!