Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A new year..

And a new planner. I was too cheap to buy myself a calendar this year so I whipped one up last night.

And I scheduled in the big wedding countdown. 8 months to go people!!!!!!!!!

In other news I'm still battling this cold/flu thing that I have had since last Thursday.

My Christmas tree is still up and my laundry is mounting. I was supposed to take care of that yesterday but I felt like crap and surprise! I feel like crap again today.

This thing is relentless!


nadine said...

cute planner!!! i get one through school still, but once im done school i imagine i'll be too cheap to buy one and make my own as well.

Sophia said...

Darling planner! Ugh on the laundry! I'm right there with ya! And do you think I've went into the laundry room once today? Nope. Just don't even want to think about it! Oh well, there's always tomorrow, right! Have a great day!


Christine said...

Too cute Mel,
((((HUGS)))) hope you feel better soon.
feeling like crap myself these days. It sucks.