Thursday, January 12, 2006


I think I might paint my bedroom.

A birthday gift from Jamie.

I have been feeling the need to make this apartment feel more like home. We know we will still be here over a year from now so why not try and make it ours right?

We're gonna go look at paint samples today and maybe we'll come home with some paint!! I saw this paint sample called 'cuban cigar', oh it's so pretty. I think it might be just a bit too dark though for our room, so hopefully we'll get something lighter.

If I paint I'm gonna get some new bedding with my birthday money.

Then later I think I will tackle the scrapbook room!

Today will be a fun day!


jana said...

if you decide to paint, lemme know, i'll go help you!

nadine said...

btw, i wasn't joking about that pizza recipe. lol. SHARE!!

and painting is so fun! i'm so horrible at painting well, but i still like it!