Sunday, January 08, 2006

Working away...

I decided to at least keep creating. Once I have my pages and assignments done I'll make the 'big' decision on whether or not I should enter.

At the very least I am going to have 10+ new pages right? I was able to complete two more pages on the weekend and I'm plugging away at my 3rd right now. So that will be four out of 10 pages for sure. I also have a few other pages completed that might make the cut. We will see.

Wish me luck!

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jana said...

this has nothing to do with today's post... but i had to tell you, I'm even having nightmares about your wedding!!!
in my dream, it was 2 days before the wedding, and we didn't even realize it! we didn't have the dresses, and you were like "its okay, we'll go buy fabric tomorrow and get them made... there'll be lots of orange, its almost halloween!" and! i didn't throw you a bachelorette party yet, so i was in a panic and planning it then. and we were all making appointments to have highlights put in the next day! aka, the day before the wedding!
what a freaking dream!
however, i'm not that irresponsible, i have been working on the binder, adding more lists, and whatnot.