Thursday, April 27, 2006


640$ to look like a boobah???

I'm not super swollen yet, but I bet I will be in the morning.

Excuse the pic--I'm ghostly pale, I think Jamie is scared of me.

Okay, here is my story from today...

I was really nervous, even shaking in the chair at the dentist office this morning!!

He was really really nice, and was happy that I took my ipod with me. He just purchased a video ipod and had no idea how to work it, so I gave him some tips, he was pretty cool!!

I was going to take an nerve pill of some sort to help me relax, but I opted out of it. So before they froze me they gave me a Mortin and some pills to help with the swelling.

He said he would freeze me well and he sure didn't lie!! I barely felt the needles. When it came time to take out the teeth I wasn't even exactly sure what he was doing. I don't even know how he cut my gums because I didn't see any scalpel or anything. But he drilled away and pulled and out they came!! Then I got some stitches on each side. It took less than 10 minutes for both teeth.

I was super frozen & packed with gauze, so I had a hard time talking. Jana laughed at me all the way home. She dared me to record my voice, which I told should have done, if I would have had some sort of recording device. But she did buy me popsicles, so I guess all is forgiven.

My ding dong dentist did not send my xray, so I had to take another and that cost me 60$, I was peeved about that!

And another 30$ for my 3 perscriptions--- antibiotics, mortin & tylenol 3.

The barely there pain in surgery has been replaced by lots of pain at home. I stayed on the couch all day today and probably tomorrow too.
My left side hurts the worst (it had a harder time coming out) and my right side was bleeding a lot.

So that is my day in a nutshell!!! I'm minus some teeth and all of my wedding money that I saved up!!

Okay...lets laugh at me, the boobah!!!


jana said...

yup...totally look like a boobah...its awesome! haha..or should i say "heeheehee"... i'm sorry i laughed... but lets be honest, you totally would've laughed at me if the roles were reversed. however, as you said, i gave you popsicles...not just any popsicles, but del monte real fruit juice popsicles... the good s*&t! AND!... i did get up bright and early (5:40am thanks to sleep deprivation) to take you there.
hope you're feeling better!
i'll call you tomorrow to check in with ya!


~Caro~ said...

Hey Boobah!!! Well you're my favourite Boobah in the whole wide world! :)

I've BTDT. The pain is just f*cking horrible at first. Don't hesitate to take those pills. Don't take Motrin or Advil on an empty stomach tho', so if you can't chew, buy some Boost or Ensure.
Your pain should be gone within 3 days. Now if it was to start up again after that, make sure you get seen.

I have one wisdom tooth left and I'm too scared to have it taken out! LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I hope it doesn't take too long to start feeling better. I know my future daughter in law had a bad time with hers. But my son didn't say anthing about a bad time after his were taken out. Hopefully you'll be as lucky as my son was. Take care girl.

nadine said...

aw sad. this makes me even more terrified to get mine out. glad you made it through ok!

Dee said...

Oh Sissa, hope you feel better soon! I will have to show the girls this pic as they love boobahs and of course LOVE you!! (I am not gonna tell them how come you look like a boobah..ok?, they like the dentist right now :) Take care.

Sam said...

Hey girl, hope you're doing better today!!!