Tuesday, May 09, 2006

10 months my ASS!!!

stupid wedding dress makers!!!!

I thought I was a fool for ordering my dress a year in advance! Well, I guess I made the right decision considering it is taking FOREVER and a dang day to get my wedding dress.

They told me it was being made in China, fine so is everything else. Then they said it would be six to eight months. Fine. Who cares!

Well last week it was eight months since I placed the order. No word on the dress. Mom calls today to find out some info.

They say, we'll call you back, that is not good news. Good news is hearing it's in the stock room, they just forgot to call.

Yea, so they call back and say it'll be in by the end of JUNE!

I don't freaking think so!!!

Ghetto wedding dress people!!

So my mom flipped (go mom!) and they said, well we can put a rush on it if you would like.

Um, yea, I would like!!

Evil wedding dress manufacturer!

Who wants to wait 10 months for a dress??!?!?! What if I wasn't anal and didn't order my dress a year in advance?? I'd be so far up crap creek and my paddle is in gosh darn CHINA!!

Piss off. I want my dress. And if it comes in in any other color besides white god help them. And those ROSES better be removeable.

Okay, I'm calm.

Crappy wedding dress.


jana said...

end of june??? AS IF! you need it before then! you still need to get the alterations done (removal of roses), decide on a veil, head peice, jewellery... and they expect you to wait until the end of june?? thats an extra two months then they told you!
thank god for moms! Go Connie!

Sam said...

Insert shocked face here ;)
Up crap creek and your paddles is in China! That one is going into the hall of fame my friend!

I never knew that it would be so long to get 1 freaking dress made...