Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don't tell me that my wedding dress is the last thing I should worry about!!!

Seriously lady!! Have you never met a bride before!?!?!

I didn't order my dress a year ahead of time so I could make monthly installments (as you snidly suggested!!).

I ordered it because it's a huge part of my wedding day and I couldn't wait to find 'my dress'.

Don't tell me that I won't need any alterations when you have never met me, or sold me my dress, or had any idea what I wanted done to the dress after it arrived.

And don't rudely push aside the fact that I will need alterations when you are told that I do. Don't tell me it will take seven minutes to remove roses off of a dress that is taking a entire company longer to make than it would have to me to have a CHILD!

And please, for the love of all that is holy, don't call back the day after you tell me it is only going to come in in June that you were mistaken and it is only going to come in in JULY.

Oh, how I wish you wouldn't not have said those things.


Sam said...

I promise I wont tell you not to worry...
You'd think these people would have dealt with brides before and know about the stress and preparation for a wedding day. Ugh... Keeping my fingers crossed that your dress is ready ASAP

jana said...

i cannot believe these people! if you want, as MOH, I can stop go in to the store next week and go balistic on them! i told you man, i'm the enforcer!

nadine said...

shitty deal dude, i hope it shows up earlier than that. or go kick them. maybe if you bitch enough you can get a bit of a discount?