Friday, May 12, 2006

Look what Jana got & other ramblings....

A Nikon D50!!! YAY!! Her first digital and a SLR digital at that. Go Jana!! We are camera twins, lmao, well almost. Now we can drag each other around taking pics. I missed out on a lot of good photo ops last year because I was just too lazy to drag my butt around, but I know Jana won't let me do that this summer! Which is good, because I am always complaining that I don't have enough pictures.

Went to Bathurst yesterday to get some cardstock for my wedding invitations. I also picked up a new paper trimmer, it rocks! It's a guillotine laser trimmer by Xacto, it's so hardcore, I love it!

Wedding invitations have officially begun production!! I was hunched over for two hours last night trimming paper. And I barely made a dent, lol.

That is it for now!


Sam said...

Oooh great camera!
You like the trimmer? It seems awesome!

jana said...

i reserved my room for the wedding! i'm so on the ball today!
yay me! and yay digital camera buddies! woohoo

Stefanie Bernard said...

I was just wondering what program you used for editing your photos? let me know a good one. thanks