Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My head is spinning!!

Met with my wedding planner tonight. He is taking care of the wedding decorations, flowers, and cake.

Let me tell ya---I really wasn't prepared!! It got a little stressful!!

But in a weird way I am at ease! Even after the stress. Knowing that things are starting to fall into place.

I can't wait!


jana said...

dude, no worries! everything will fall into place like you said. and as for being unprepared, of course we were, it was the first meeting! now we'll know to have a list for what to do, what to ask...etc...
and i'm confident it'll be gorgeous! (just remind Gary "no greens!")

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are stressed but maybe it is alot of excitement mixed in there as well!!! :) It will all pull together :)