Saturday, April 29, 2006

day trois

Not the best way to start out the morning---after falling asleep around 2 am, and waking up every hour on the hour---having Jamie staring at me asking me when I was getting him. He, of course, is just like a spring chicken after getting 11 hours of sleep.

Getting stared in the face, asking if my mouth is sore.

Oy! He's lucky I love him!!

Felt like mucho crap this morning. But I couldn't waste another day in bed. Had to get out and get moving. Having lots of pain killers at my discretion totally rocked.

Mom and I went mother of the bride dress shopping (no luck) and went to visit debbie for a bit.

Came home, had some mashed potatoes, went for a drive in the Mustang Cobra (yea it's out for the summer!!) and went to visit Susie & family. Then Jana come over with ice cream. She rules!!

Sooooooooooooo tired, looking forward to getting to bed early and hopefully not having any night sweats!



nadine said...

love the picture. you must be feeling a little bit better?

Sam said...

Awesome photo! I got a camera finally :p

Shelley Rankin said...

Loving that photo lady!

Just emailed you some info. Hoping your mouth is feeling better. Ouch! You poor baby!

grover said...

hey are those your new glasses??

Anonymous said...

Ouchie, I know it can hurt! Glad to hear you are feelin' bettah!