Friday, June 02, 2006



Friggin' buggers. They are driving me bonkers, and I'm not even outside putting up with them! They sneak inside and bite me. I don't just get normal bites either, I swell right up, bigger than a quarter and it hurts. Or I get a lump plus about 30 little lumps that itch really bad. I just got bit on my thigh and have a ton of bumps. Yuck. I hate the flies.

In other news, did anyone see the sunset tonight? It looked magical, from what I could see over the tree tops at work. I bet it was killer at the beach, I hate missing a good sunset!! None that I have seen so far have been killer.

Getting up at 7am tomorrow to go to the HUGE indoor garage sale! I can't wait! Haven't been there in a few years, and even then I had just taken my mom down and wasn't really interested in garage sales, but tomorrow my eyes will be peeled for something ultra cool!


nadine said...

I bought some really cool necklaces and a little drawer storage thing for my scrapbook embellishments at the garage sale we're having with my grandma this weekend.

Sam said...

I was going to go garage sale hunting before work today, but it's raining :(
Hope you have better luck!