Thursday, June 01, 2006

Poor Simply Doodle....

The vet was down yesterday to check up on Simply. He has had a bad cough for a few days.

Diagnosis: COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), or the heaves, or basically asthma.

Poor Simply!

His treatment is lifelong--meds 3 times a day, his hay has to be soaked in water for a few hours before feeding to cut down on dust. We also can not feed him in the barn anymore, which sucks because Dad would feed him in there when they flies got too bad outside. If the flies annoy him too much he will hide in the barn, instead of eating outside.

I went for a walk last night after work, and when I got back at 11, I went up to see him and you know what he was doing??

Craning his neck as far under the fence as it would go to reach the big bucket of hay that dad was soaking for him for his morning feeding. What a bugger!


Sam said...

Yum soaked hay ;)
Poor guy, he's so beautiful though! Lucky you!

jana said...

poor simply!! i didnt realize a horse could have copd :S

Anonymous said...

Did Simply smoke?? I've never seen anyone have it that didn't smoke. Must be the hay or something. I have to know, what meds are they given them. I've only ever treated COPD with inhalers and in extreme cases IV steriods.