Tuesday, June 13, 2006

more pics from Shelley...

Shelley posted some of her latest wedding shots on her blog, and I just can't help sharing them here!!

Two sets of photos, one from a reception that she shot at and one from a service.

So exciting. Can wait for her to do my wedding. Jamie and I are going to get our engagement shots too, probably in July. So excited for that!!

Here are some of my favorites! Here is a link to her photography website too, it's full of gems! http://rankinphotography.ca/


Dee said...

Hey Sissa, isn't she awesome. Can't wait to see your pics! Can't wait to see YOU! When in July are you coming over?? We are taking the girls to Toronto around July 19 or so for a week - can't wait. Miss you

Oh, how is your counsins little baby girl?? Hope she is doing well, still in my prayers.

jana said...

shelley does an amazing job! its so great that you found a unique photographer, with an original style... so you.

Sam said...

You are going to have the most amazing wedding pics ever!

Shelley Rankin said...

hey girl!

Wow, I am blushing at the comments here. :) Thank you for choosing me to do your wedding photos. As you know it may be one of my last as I am still undecided whether to venture there full time.

Will chat with you soon. So glad you liked my recent shots. Your wedding is going to be fun.