Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wedding stress...

The closer the wedding gets, the less it seems I am crossing things off of my list. Actually it seems to be mounting. And when I really think about it, I kinda have a mini heart attack and can't breathe.

I don't think that is good at all. lol.

So much to get done, so little time or hands or brain power, or bitchyness power. I need some bitchyness/bridezilla action going on so I can yell at a certain someone. Grr!

So here are some pending things on my list....

-wedding dress, still not here, freaking out a bit. Can't decide on jewelry, headpiece and/or veil and hair style until that arrives.
-Jana's moh dress, arrived 4 inches too short. I know it will be here in time, just wish we could have it now, so no worrying.
-Jamie and groomsmen-tux fitting
-engagement pics (taking them next month!)
-bridal shower. Gotta help mom plan. Most likely being held July 23rd. Just a small gathering.
-hair cut, I need one bad. No idea where to go. Want to get done before engagement pics.
-wedding bands. None yet. But I got a lead and might be able to get a perfect match custom made to my engagement ring.
-attendant gifts---zero progress there, I just can't make up my mind.
-invitations, went to the fabric store yesterday to get the ribbon that I ordered, but oh, it's not there and they don't know when it is coming in! So I ordered some online last night. I have no idea what it looks like or when it will get here. Have to send out my invite's by mid-july.
-bridal shower invites--I need some.
-Guest list---have to cut DOWN.
-weight, 8 more pounds to go! Haven't weighed myself lately but my jeans could be pulled down still zippered! YAY
-need to find and make hair style and make up appointments for day of wedding for me and any of the girls.
-need to get a facial
-ask jana where she wants to go to get our nails done before the wedding and make appointment.
-decide on where we are going for our un-official honeymoon and make reservations and plan outings.
-start tanning
-find something to wear to bridal shower and for the rehersal party
-get lingerie
-find someone to sing or play guitar during service
-make appointment with father david to discuss service

Crap that is some list.



Anonymous said...

#1. July 23rd seems like an odd day to have the bridal shower.
#2 Please make an appointment for my hair to be done..and makeup if possible seeing as I own no makeup of my own.
#3. I have my dress and I am getting my shoes within the next month and then getting my alterations done
#4. How are you losing so much weight? I have been trying and a bit successful but then I was hit by a car and now cant exercise.
#5. When is the rehersal..day and time...so I can be there...I think I have to be there right?
#6. Relax, destress and take it in a bit at a time
#7. I dont mind yelling at people...I will yell at anyone you need me to
#8. Cant wait to see ya


Adrienne said...

Hope things start to calm down a bit for ya!

Sam said...

OMGosh girl. I wish I were there to help. Lemme know if I can do anything from here!!!

nadine said...

you aren't supposed to plan your own bridal shower are you?

don't worry, it will all get done!

Nicks Yacks said...

How about you get your hair cut the same day as the engagement photos? You coming up here to see SHelley to get them done? If so book an appointment with Bonnie before the pics :)
Can, you fire your Wedding Planner? I probably would he/she seems like a dud. Is he thinking maybe he isn't really needed till the day of the wedding?
Big Breathe , wheewwww. Wanna come to Freddy and go out for a couple drinks on me ;)?

jana said...

so the person who needs the bitchiness/yelling... yea, i can totaly start harrassing that person if need be. put me in charge of that task... Gary is not doing his job! start calling everyday, thats what i would do. then he'd take you more seriously.

my dress will be here in time, i promise, or else i well become a maid of honorzilla.

as for all of the appointments, we still have plenty of time to make those. i'd just find a place for the hair to be done.

relax, if you feel overwhelmed, give me a list of stuff to do so it can be off your mind!! thats what i'm here for!

and to nadine... no, she isnt supposed to plan her own bridal shower, but the girl is somewhat of a control freak and needs to know whats going on with everything! haha

pmalla said...

I think I'm going to elope. I so can't handle anymore stress in my life.

Its never too late, take the dress and run.

Hope things work out well with the wedding.


Melissa said...

I'm not planning the shower!! Just helping out my mom. She is doing everything I guess. But if I didn't say that things better get going nothing would be done. My mom is laid back like that.

I have no idea what is going on at the shower or anything. But I will be helping decorate and cook.

So there!! LOL!! Shoot me!


jana said...

good news on the bridal shower... i have all of your present bought! well, almost, just the tiny little added touch left to get! i'm so excited? are you? you should be! you are so easy to shop for!! now how am i ever going to get it drppewa? (thats a word scramble, can ya figure it out? HAHA!!!)