Monday, June 26, 2006

zonked out!

It's been awhile since I posted hasn't it?

Busy weekend! Took friday night and Saturday off--my parents and I headed down to Moncton for my brother Corey's graduation from NBCC. The ceremony was LONG! Most of my pics came out pretty bad!! LOL!! The lighting was pretty horrible inside of the area.

Aside from the graduation we got my dad a spiffy new suit & shoes for the wedding. He looked so handsome trying it on! Did I mention that he started eating healthier and walking a lot? So far he has lost 21 pounds. My mom did the same is lost about 10-15 pounds.

Dad left Moncton Saturday afternoon. Mom and I stayed down so we could get some shopping in! Of course. Can't go to Moncton without shopping. I was obsessed with finding this cute shirt that I saw I girl wearing on Saturday, but could not find it! I did however manage to get a pair of jeans, a pair of jean capris, a pair of gauchos, t-shirt, tank, and another shirt, so I did not too bad in the clothes department. Also got two books, two black leather 12x12 scrapbooks, and of course baby stuff! Nothing is cuter than baby clothes, so now that Amy is preggo I have a perfect excuse to buy, buy, buy! So fun.

I also managed to get a few bridesmaids gifts. And some ribbon and misc. stuff for the wedding. I ordered some ribbon online for my wedding invites, but ended up finding some yesterday at Michaels, so I bought that too, just in case something happens to that other ribbon.

Got home just in time last night to go to Lindsay's grad dinner. Stayed there until around 8 or so.

Whew! Busy weekend!

Sorry to ramble on there forever, I don't think I have a serious organzied thought in my brain!

I have today off though, so that is pretty cool.


jana said...

no pics of the stuff you bought? i'm not impressed. what's the bridesmaids gifts?

Nicks Yacks said...

Whew! Was wondering where you went!

xoxox Nick

nadine said...

congrats to your parents on their weight loss! wish i had that kind of willpower~