Sunday, June 18, 2006


Got some new shelves for our bedroom, really lovin' them.

Figured it was time to post a pic of our bedroom too, I can't remember if I posted a pic of it after we painted it back in January.

Enjoy! :)


Nicole said...

LOVE that colour! What is it called and where can I find it!!!! Love love love the brown with the lite aqua!

jana said...

those shelves are pretty sweet! and lovin the pics of you and jamie... i'd either just put them in glass frames, or leave them as they are.

Sam said...

I love that color and those shelves are awesome!!!!
Our bedroom is white... BORING

nadine said...

melissa the colors in your room are so pretty!

Nicole said...

Yummmy color.. tha'ts exactly what I want for my bedroom!! Would you mind telling me what shade and where you purchased it?? THANKS!!