Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Did I mention the condom?

Quite the title eh?

I can't remember if I told the Bridal Shower condom story! I received my fair share of condoms, but this one takes the cake!

It was the second gift I opened (from my crazy aunt Stella). There was a box in the bag and written on it said "Open me first, and promise to use me on your wedding night..."

I was actually scared to open it. So I unwrapped the box, and it looked like it was a big empty ring box.

I slowly opened it up and inside was a condom with a LARGE HOLE IN IT!!


remember...'use me on your wedding night?'

lol, so the second part of the gift was get this....


My family is so nutty!!

Definitely a memorable present.

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nadine said...

OH MY GOSH! that has to be the funniest present i have ever heard of!