Tuesday, August 01, 2006

more stuff....

<------I stole this picture from Jana's blog. My memory card was full by the end of my Bridal shower, so Jana snapped some for me with her Nikon.

This picture is from the cool-ass present that Jana gave me. It is a wicker stool/storage cube, a 'bistro' sign, a MM Chocolate Brown Leather album, a red funky bucket with matching juice jar and a cute little red jam jar, and a bulletin board that matches the 'bistro' sign. Can't wait to have a home so I can fill it up with this cool stuff!!

Other gifts included...
-a whole bunch of casserole dishes
-3 sets of drinking glasses
-lingerie (WOOOO!!!) and a silk robe
-a whole bunch of kitchen stuff (measuring cups, etc)
-2 bride & groom figurines
-Baking stuff & recipe organizer
-a blender
-dessert plates & cake tray
-a clock & a frame print
-3 piece canister set
-funky handmade huge photo album, & basket and a handmade quilt (from my grandmere!)
-pizza stone
-toaster (we actually didn't have a toaster!)
-spaghetti jar
-4 picture frames & a photo album
-candy dish & dip set
-magnetic spicerack
-a whole bunch of white fluffy towels
-sweet red leather magazine holder
-Mr. Clean Magic Mop ( so wanted one of those )
-food processor
-cocktail shaker (from the pets, haha)
-2 sets of funky red dishes (I got a red theme going on I guess!)

And a bunch of cash.

Still can't get over it all. My mom won't let me take anything back to the apartment, well not like we have room for most of it. She wants to keep it all there until the wedding so everyone can see what we got at the shower. I went up last night and was looking at the presents again, I'm still shocked we got that much stuff! So crazy.

Oh, and while I was up there last night (my mom wasn't home) I snuck my sewing machine home. I had to try it out!

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melissa said...

holy presents...sounds like you had an awesome time!