Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bachelorette number 2!!!

Starring: Me, Jana, Chandra and Lindsay

Where we went: On a road trip to Moncton where we spent the night.

The car ride down: Even though we left really early, Jana had packed us all individual dishes of dill pickle popcorn, which was the PERFECT breakfast. Especially for Lindsay who was on a hangover from the night before. She ate her popcorn and then slept for the next two hours.

Cheap Hotel Moment: We did not want to pay the extra 20$ to have four people stay in our hotel room instead of two, so Jana and I made Chandra and Lindsay stay in the car while we took in everyones bags. Do you think they believed that Jana and I had like 6 luggage bags between us? Oh well, they didn't charge the extra 20$!!

Mean motel moment: Before we went out to dinner, we were getting ready and having some drinks. We had bought some coolers that needed to be opened with a bottle opener. We called the hotel restaurant and they sent someone up with one. When he got there he told Lindsay her outfit was ugly! What a meanie. He didn't know anything---she wore it anyways and looked good!

What we did: We shopped for a good amount of the day. Buying lots of goodies, walking around downtown moncton. Hung out at the hotel and got ready for dinner....

Where we ate: The Lone Star. YUM!!! I wanted to go there so bad, the food was delicious!!!!! Yummy salsa and chips. Yummy fajita's and the best margarita's around.

Funniest downtown moment: Jana going all 'sex in the city' on our asses and tried to hail a cab. We all made fun of her and walked back to the hotel. (luv ya Jana!!)

Coolest moment: Jana surprised us with a can full of goodies!! She decorated empty paint cans with pretty pink paper and our pictures and filled them up with spa, bachelorette, and drink goodies. In my can I got lots of spa stuff (nail polish, perfume samples, face masks, nail files), drink mix, and some mickey's, gum, a candle, lots of fun bachelorette stuff and a bachelorette contract. We had to sign it to protect ourselves, lmao!!

She knows me so well: Also included in my can of goodies was------------a set of drumsticks!! LOL!! I guess she is sick of me playing the air drums with my hands, now I can really Jam!!

Another funny moment: Almost getting kicked out of KFC for laughing so loud at Lindsay as she told us crazy tales of a fight she got into last summer. Helicopters and fish hooks---good times.

Yummy moment: For breakfast on Sunday we had Cora's, doesn't get any yummier than that.

Thanks Jana for the awesome time!! Lots of laughs and great memories.


jana said...

you guys laughed at me?? mom always said they were laughing with me! dammit... oh well, now i'm living in a big city and can hail all the cabs i want! haha!!
that was such a fun weekend!

grover said...

sounds like ya'll had a blast!
fun times!!

nadine said...

what a fun weekend!