Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's a kit kat conspiracy!!!!!

Can you spot the error in this picture???

There is no wafery goodness in my Kit Kat bar!!!

Took that pic last night after I discovered my dud chocolate bar.

Tonight, Jamie picked up a kit kat bar for each of us and guess what??? Mine was a dud!! AGAIN!!

So not fair.


jana said...

LMAO!!! who gets a dud kitkat?? that is the funniest thing ever!!! and you dont manage to get A dud, you manage to get two! i thought only things like that happened to me! with a gip... send them back and complain!

~Caro~ said...

Write them or call them to let them know. They are most likely going to send you tons of coupons for free stuff ;)

BTDT for lotsa other stuff.

Melissa said...

I did email them, hopefully I wil hear something!

nadine said...

WHAT!? did you send a pic to kit kat? that's just too random.

Sam said...

OMG... the same freaking thing happened to me. I bought a mixed box of chocolates from Costco... last winter, and when I opened the kit kats, 2 of them where like that. I kept them to call and complain... never got around to it and then threw them out!