Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pumpkin love

Isn't this picture adorable?? Gracelyn sure is growing!

In other news...went shopping on the weekend, AE didn't have what I had on my wish list, but I was still able to drop some change. Got some other goodies as well.

Just clued in today that I haven't done much updating on wedding details. I think the last thing I blogged about before the actual wedding was my first bachelorette party. Stay tuned for blog posts on my second bachelorette party, the day of the wedding, the ceremony and the reception/dance. I have the pics to go along with the stories now, so check in soon!


jana said...

gracelyn is adorable... lovin the pigtails! and cant wait for updates... especially since i didnt see the pics from the 2nd b'ette.

nadine said...

well duh! that's why we've been harassing you whenever you post pictures!