Thursday, May 03, 2007

Got wood?

Jamie got some flooring samples today. Even though we are 99% sure we are getting the Bird's Eye Maple in the Espresso color. Isn't it YUMMY??

I can just picture the floors in our new house covered in all of that yumminess.

I can't wait!

Speaking of houses.....Saturday we are off to look at some model homes!!! So excited. We are just shopping around at different companies right now, not sure what one we will go with yet. We have been looking at tons of plans. So many pros and cons to each.

This one here is our favorite right now. The picture makes it look pretty tiny, but it's actually not. We are also getting a full basement and a two car garage. The only con is that it is only one bathroom---but we could change the plans up a bit an add an ensuite, which would be nice.

I love that it is 3 bedroom, and open concept. Plus lots of windows because I like a lot of light!

In other news...Jamie and I have been working pretty heavily this week!! I worked 12 1/2 hours yesterday and another 10 1/2 today. Jamie worked 8 hours yesterday, came home for one hour, then got called back in 17 hours!!! Crazy stuff!! The weekend can't get here fast enough!!


pmalla said...

Hey Looks like a nice house. Our house was suppose to be finished on Monday but its probably looking like we will only be able to sign after I get back from Mexico. Its so exciting buying a house and all the appliances and new furniture. Its wonderful

nadine said...

before i read your choice in the wood, i thought i liked the espresso best too!

*~*Amber*~* said...

o girl... LOVELOVE this model.. and the floors.. amazing. Ours are 1928 original blonde pine floors! Love them!! U will really love the wood floors. Get ur broom out though! xoxo

Tanya said...

Congrads on all the awesome home news! Love the house...where are you guys building?

Mea said...

Well written article.