Sunday, May 06, 2007

Now we are even more confused!!!!

We went to look at model homes yesterday as we are trying to decide what company to go with to build our home.

There are pro's and con's to both companies, and the prices run about the same. We have no idea what to do now!!

Company #1
Photos of the model home (not like the house plan we want) can be viewed here....

Remember that we are getting hardwoods throughout except for the entrance and the bathroom.

This one has the house plan that we LOVE. Great deal on a garage, will paint the entire house in our choice colors and has laundry access on the main floor. Also has a nice island in the kitchen.

A few cons...
-crown moulding, brushed silver hardware, hinges & knobs are all optional, not standard. And for a whirlpool tub it's 650$ extra.

Company #2
Photos of the model home that is almost exactly like the one that we want, they just changed the dining room in this one.

We also like this kitchen style with the cabinets shown, but we do not like the island. We would rather the island from the other house.

A few pro's/con's...

-the interior comes painted white only
-laundry will have to be located in the basement
-crown moulding, brushed silver hardware/hinges/knobs all standard.
-whirlpool tub is also standard.
-not that big of a closet in the master bedroom.
-possible 4000$ rebate (they are having a promotion until May 14th, we are waiting to see if they will extend that deal).

We will be in touch with both companies tomorrow to get some final quotes, and maybe do some wheelin' & dealin' and then we really have to buckle down and make a decison. Most likely we will be heading back down there just to look at different options and stuff.

ACK! Help someone! LOL! We need advice!


nadine said...

it won't let me see the pictures. but i think if the first one has the house plan you really love that it should be your choice. if you're going to be spending a lot of money on a house you want it to be the plan you like so you don't have to reno later because you picked a plan you weren't totally satisfied with.

Tanya said...

Personally I like the Company #2. I liked the island in the kitchen in the first house, but the kitchen cupboards in the 2nd one were much nicer. The look on the outdoors on the fisrt one is nicer then the outdoor look of the 2nd one. The 2nd house set up seemed to be more spacious...? And yes the open concept is nice. Which one did you "LOVE" first...that's the one you should go with. HUGE decision though eh! Good luck!!

Samantha said...

Ok - you have lots of big choices to make, but what I've learned is don't cheap out, especially on things like cabinets, flooring etc... cause to replace that is a PITA and costs way more... things like fixtures and moldings can be updated easier..
PS - You still have my site listed as Star Mosaics ;)

heidi&keith said...

Hi Melissa, I just have one suggestion, I also wanted a whirlpool tub in our new house but I decided against it because 1. how often would I be able to enjoy it 2. it took up more floor space than I was willing to part with 3. if you have a deep one you spend $$/time on water to fill it Anyway Keith and I decided on just the reg tub/shower unit. But it is hard to make final decisions because most people only "build" once. We had our home built on the spot but also had same issues with extra cost such as crown moulding. Some things you can add on later when you can afford it. For example: I want fancier mouldings but I will prob wait a few years to replace.
Best of luck!!