Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ta-Da!! We picked a house!!

This is the house plan we have chosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went back & forth all week long. One minute loving one house, and the other minute loving the other house. It was a pretty tough decision.

I think the main reason why we were having such a hard time was because we got to walk through one house as is, but the other house was just a plan on a piece of paper. Their model home was pretty different from the plan that we liked, so it made it tougher for us to visualize what the house would look like.

Friday we got the price of the second home, and found out that they were not willing to build us a garage. We do want a garage and did not want to hire someone else seperately for that, so that really turned us off from that builder.

Yesterday, we went back to the miramichi to meet with the company we have chosen, and the more time we spent with them, the more we realized that this was the company for us. We talked over everything, options, upgrades, etc, etc. Everything is not finalized yet, the company has to fax some things up to the bank, as does the company who we are buying land from (did I mention we found a piece of land to build on?) and then once that goes through we will be heading back down to meet with the company, give them our deposit and pick out some final things like countertops, etc.

We also changed the style of the floor plan in the kitchen. We don't like how it comes out at an angle in the hallway, so we cut that part out and it will come out straight, and we also added the kitchen island. It's going to be hot stuff!

We are so crazy excited!!!!!!

Some of the options we got so far are crown moulding on the cabinets in the kitchen, pantry with pull out drawers, angle island with raised nook (that is big enough for four stools). Garden doors in the dining room. A corner tub & corner shower, a light fixture in the living room, and some extra phone/cable jacks, and 6 basement windows instead of the orginal 3.

We also upgraded our cabinets from their standard 'fancy country design' to sleek shaker style cabinets in a maple w/ a light blonde stain (and he didn't even charge us! woohoo!!). Jamie was really egging on him to give us some sort of deal, and he knew I really didn't like their standard cabinets, so he gave in, lol. I mean their standard cabinets are nice, but they are not our style at all.

Oh! And I probably mentioned this all before but we also upgraded our flooring. Instead of going with their cushion floor/floating floor package we are buying our own hardwood floors and having them installed everywhere except the foyer and bathroom.

They will also be building us a two car garage with a 16' garage door, two windows and a second entrance door.

Man it's going to look SLEEK!!!!!

I hope everything goes through quickly so we can head down and finalize everything so that it is done, ordered and we can be living in our new house by October at the latest!!!

I wish I could show more pictures of it, but this is all we have for now! We will all have to visualize together! LOL!

All in all we feel a lot better going with this company. They seem like a better company to deal with, and we are getting a lot more bang to our buck.


nadine said...

wow that sounds so awesome! i can't wait for them to get started building for you!

jana said...

sounds like its going to look awesome! i'm so excited for you guys! cant wait to see it!

Shelley Rankin said...

congrats to you girl. It is gorgeous. You are going to make wonderful home owners! How exciting!

Amanda said...

Yeah I'm so excited for you! I agree with the changes you made to. The flooring was a good move because that other stuff sucks. Your funiture leaves big marks in it. So where are you putting it? Congrats to you both. I wish you all the best with it.

Samantha said...

Yay - congrats! :D

Tanya said...

Huge congrads to you guys! That one is really beautiful and it's YOURS! Have fun with it. You have amazing style, can wait to see more pics as it goes up! YOu're gonna make this home beautiful, with a special touch! Awesome!

CompuPro Scrapbooking said...

I'm so excited for you both! The floor plan looks awesome! What a great Summer you have planned now....getting your new home ready. Make sure to keep us updated with pictures.