Friday, May 25, 2007

what's been going on...

Besides the running around, making decisions and phone calls, waiting is a big part of buying a home!!

And it's kind of annoying!

So right now we are doing some more waiting. All of our estimates and house/garage plans are at the bank and have also been sent to the appraiser. Hopefully that jazz will be completed early next week. This has to be done before our mortgage officially goes through.

By the looks of things it will be settled by the end of next week and on Saturday we will be headed back to Miramichi to finalize everything for the house, including all of our options like ceramic tile, countertops, etc. Once we do that and the order is put in with the builder it's three months of waiting!! ACK!! But at least it's exciting.

We are shooting to be in the house sometime in September. We can't wait!

Fingers crossed that everything goes through smoothly!!

In other news....I'm trying to lose those 15 pounds that I left creep back on after I was successful at losing them before the wedding!! Here's to another summer of dieting!! Worth it though right??

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!

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*~*Amber*~* said...

so excited for you! i sooo wish we could've built our first house, but our lil historic bungalow is just perfect for us right now. enjoy the ride girl! xoxo