Sunday, June 03, 2007

We did it!!

We ordered the house yesterday!!! Here of some pics of Jamie and I the night before.....

Are we crazy or what??

Yes, we had our down payment in our house....all this time!!!!!

Instead of being smart and just putting our money into a saving account, we have just been taking it out of the bank machine on pay day and stashing it away.

Not smart considering someone could have broken into our apartment or it could have burned down, etc!!

We did plan on going to the bank and changing it over to larger bills, but Jamie worked 70 hours last week, so that didn't happen.

Oh well, the big picture here is that we ordered the house!!

Holy Crapola!! We are so excited!!

Now that we ordered it, the countdown is on!! In a three months will we have our house!!

Now that we just put down our big down payment it's onto saving more money for the other cost....appliances, lawyer, water/sewage hook up, power/phone hook up, etc.

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nadine said...

did you take your deposit to the bank in a briefcase?