Sunday, June 03, 2007


Options, Options, and more Options!!

We have been having fun and also struggling with all of the options for the house!

Here are some of the changes/options we have done so far....

Vinyl siding/roofing: I posted a picture of our siding/roofing color. In a perfect world we were going to get dark grey siding, but it was 1700$ more!! So we went with the medium grey siding (which was our first choice before we saw the darker stuff).

Flooring: The company is providing the bathroom & entrance flooring. We are going with ceramic in the entrance (we haven't picked that out yet). And in the bathroom we are going with vinyl. I know ceramic or stone is nicer, but Jamie wanted vinyl so it's not so cold, and if we get sick of it, it's easy to change!! The rest of the house (including the kitchen) will have hardwood flooring. We purchased this ourselves from our BIL who buys/sells exotic wood. He had some flooring made with Birds Eye Maple, so we are going with's beautiful!!

Kitchen Cabinets: We upgraded from the standard birch cabinets. We are getting Maple cabinets in a shaker door style, with a raised corner cabinet that has a glass door and a light inside.

Other Kitchen upgrades: It will be microwave ready over the stove so we can put in a microwave/range hood combo. We also are getting a pantry with pull out shelves. Another thing we did was change the layout of the kitchen to allow us to put in a angle kitchen island with a step up bar (that is large enough to put four bar stools). Instead of having a patio door leading outside from the dining room we are putting in a garden door.

Bathroom: We upgraded to have a corner tub and seperate corner shower. As well we are putting in a tall bathroom cabinet besides our vanity for more storage. We are also doing a shaker style door in the bathroom with a scarlet wood finish. Because we are putting in a lighter colored floor, we wanted darker cabinets.

Hardware/fixtures: We upgraded from the standard brass/gold to pewter in a satin finish. This goes for all of the hinges, handles, knobs and fixtures.

Basement entrance: The original plan was to have an open plan leading into the basement. A railing for safety and then the stairs with a door at the bottom of the stairs. We changed it to have a wall built and the door being upstairs leading down into the basement rather than at the bottom of the basement. Does that make sense?? I didn't like the look of having a railing going along one side of the living room. This wall now gives us a space to put up pictures/etc, which is nice because the house is so open , there is not a long of wall space.

The house will have a full basement which was a MUST for us! It's going to be nice to have all of that extra space.

Our two door detached garage will have a 16" door, two windows and a side door.

Yesterday when we went to order the house we were given a fan deck of paint colors so we can pick out all of our interior colors. Also we were given a book full of countertop samples so we can pick out our countertops for the kitchen and bathroom.

The choice are overwhelming, but it is also very exciting!


nadine said...

i can't wait to get to make decisions like this!

Samantha said...

I'm so jealous that you guys are buying brand new! I wish we could move, I love our condo, and we JUST painted, but a little bitmore room would go a long way!

Never realized how many choices there were!