Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Product of the Month....

My iPod Touch is absolute heaven compared to my four year old iPod Mini that I had. Did I need it? No. Do I love it? Tremendously!! It is amazing!! It's great for music first off, so when I'm going on my 6k walks it's a good companion. I love how it holds pics and they look GREAT!! It's nice to just be able to show people pics on there instead of logging on to facebook or lugging the laptop around. Other great features are the WiFi connection, so I can surf the net. Instant mail, calendar and the weather are more of my favorites.

All in all, a great purchase!!!

Funnily enough as soon as I buy one thing, I have plans to buy something more......next on the list finishing our basement bathroom and laundry room!

Oh....and a new camera and a trip to Ottawa....it never ends people!!!


Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

What a neat idea to take a photo of your photo phone picture.

Sarah C. said...

Fun new toy! :)