Monday, July 07, 2008

Back splash? Who needs that?

Apparently we did!

Yet another purchase we didn't need, but we'll surely enjoy!!

Last Thursday Jamie and I ventured into the big city of Campbellton in search of tile for our powder room in the basement, which we would like to finish in the fall/winter. Our thinking is that we can buy a little something here and there each month to make the expense seem not as great.

As we are tile shopping we run across some fab tumbled marble tile. I love it of course, but Jamie LOVES it and it becomes his one focus in life...we need a back splash for the kitchen. So we take home a sample to test it out.

Meanwhile I don't really find any tile for the bathroom, so hey...why not go through with this whole back splash thing? We can enjoy it now as opposed to some tile, which will sit in the basement until the fall. It's no surprise that Friday night we headed back up to Campbellton to order our backsplash.

We got the 1x1 tumbled tile...I can't remember the color name...but it's a neutral stone color that matches pretty well with our light grey countertops. I love it because it's simple and sleek enough without being boring. You know me, I love simple and sleek furnishings!!

The tile should arrive in 10 look forward to another epic tile post that hopefully has a positive ending (we are installing it ourselves!!)

P.S....we also got a great price on the same type of tile (except in ivory and in
6x6) so I think we may have found bathroom tile after all!!

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