Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holla! I'm back! (and feeling creative)

I can't believe I just said Holla...forgive me, it's wee early in the morning!!

I'm back!! Where did I go you ask? A sweet, sunny vacation?

That is wishful thinking.

As much as I love Apple...they sure do make some CRAPPY power cords!! About two weeks ago the power cord for my Macbook MELTED!!!! Apparently this is a problem with Mac power cords, but I didn't know that. And when I went online to order another (100$!!) power cord, I discovered it's lower rating and awful reviews, but what else could I do? Lets face it, I can't live without my computer!

I risked death and destruction to my home by rigging up my power cord (which was sprouting wires) so that I could still use the computer. It never kept power for very long though, hence my blog disapperance!

But it finally got delivered and all is well.

A few newbies and yuckies to report...

-Our washer got repaired yesterday (after 3 weeks of being sick)
-Our new plasma broke yesterday (what luck we have)

-my new camera arrives today!!!!

(yes I finally broke down and ordered a new one!!)

In celebration of that, yesterday I added some sugar and spice to my other canon camera strap...

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