Monday, January 10, 2011


4 needles is what my bubs received today--
it was vaccination time in the maritimes.
one year old vaccinations, that meant four needles consisting of countless vaccinations.
varicella (chicken pox), 13 strains of pneumococcal, 7 strains of meningitis, plus measles, mumps and rubella.
that seems like a lot for a tiny body all at once
but he will be protected from all of those things (hopefully)

sidenote: funny how they never check to see if you are immune to the diseases you are vaccinated for. when i was pregnant they found out that i was not immune to measles.
sidenote 2: like a wimp, i still haven't asked to receive the vaccine.
yes, my one year old got four needles today, yes his 29 year old mama stayed hush on the fact that she also needs to be vaccinated (oh, for shame!)

avery handled his needles like a rockstar
one lip pout after the first, barely a notice after the second
crying after the third (apparently it burns, and i also think this is the one i need, yikes!)
and some whimpering after the 4th and final one.

today was one of the days where i hate being a mama. i hate putting my baby through pain.
i sweat, i cry (on the inside), i get my heart broken.
it's no fun at all.
but i love that when he cries and whimpers, he reaches out for his mama.
and that makes my heart warm.

xo, mama

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