Saturday, January 08, 2011


before parenthood going out was a split second decision.
even if it was a planned outing, it was decided. dotted in black on a calendar, not much thought about the details. just that fact that we were going to do something.
now, a simple 5 minute task takes 20 minutes.
making plans to go out takes about two days of finalizing details and working out schedules.
which is a drop in the bucket if we are successful and find ourselves outside of the house, sans kiddo ready to kick up our heels.
or sit on our butts somewhere.
i spent the better part of friday trying to work out a plan for us to go out tonight.
who will watch the baby?
first hump to climb. usually that falls on my mom, but avery spent the night there last weekend while we celebrated NYE so i did not want to suck up another one of her nights with grandma duty. even if we wanted her to watch him for a few hours, that means driving there (20 mins), driving to go out (45 mins) driving back to get him (45 mins) and then another 20 mins back home. too much work, even for a frosty brew.
but, sometimes you need to sacrifice time doing menial tasks in order to spend some good quality time out socializing.
as spouses and parents: we need it.
however, all of our thinking and scheduling was promptly thwarted when we woke up this morning to snow and this annoying cold is still here kicking my butt.
here's to another adventure where hopefully the two days of planning, will be well worth the trouble!

xo, melissa

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