Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy birthday and how i've had the most random week...

above: birthday present from my friend martina...i love owls!
so, my 30th birthday flew right by, celebrations were at a minimum because we had plans to do dinner on saturday. jamie picked up an ice cream cake (my fav!) and the three of us enjoyed that.
jamie and i had also planned a little mini getaway to the city for a night. an impending storm changed our plans again so we left on thursday night instead of friday
just as my luck would have it (i'm telling you there year is starting out great...not!), on friday i wasn't feeling well and on saturday i was full fledge sick. which meant we had to drive home while i was sick (it wasn't pretty)
avery was at my parents place so i went there to get him, but ended up staying there so they could take care of avery while i rested.
i had to cancel my birthday plans (huge boo!!)
and then, to top off my horrible week/end avery snapped my glasses in two.
a great start to my thirties, no?
xo, melissa

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