Thursday, January 13, 2011

on keeping a record...

this being one of the most personally stressful weeks i've had in a long time,
my head is spinning and spinning.
most of it focused on just life right now, on the brink of my 30th year
and what that means to me.
some of focused on things that just run loops in my head....
i'm having a hard time slowing down and concentrating.
really focusing and zeroing in on what matters now, who am i and who i want to be.
i feel like i want to write it all down, yet my blog isn't the right place for it all.
today's post from elise was just what i needed.
a place for my thoughts.
like a twelve year old with a diary again.
on today's post about her custom book design, elise posted a link to her custom birthday books she started making a few years ago.
a birthday book for my biggest birthday yet.
i could use it to write down 30 goals for my 30th year, or just my whole decade of 30's in general.
something that i want to accomplish, or something that i am proud of right now.
am i crazy? i have just being doing so much reflection lately, it's almost scary.
And having it all jumbled in my head is even more so.
am i happy with life right now? if yes, why?
am i unhappy with life right now? if no, why?
this is the year for me, guys and gals.
as much as i'm scared to tuesday to come: i can't freaking wait.
i hope it brings good things.
and it will all be recorded in my book....

xo, melissa

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