Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's awkward, it's's my life!!

kicking things off with this BAD photo of myself...can you believe this is PRE-workout?
has anyone seen my eyebrows, they appear to be missing!
-manic work days...especially those with an employee gets injured :(
-kiddies and the poop they bring into your life
-and also curdled milk
-running (i'm such a bad worker-outer)
-almost falling asleep while getting my nails done today...i'll just imagine my nail tech never notices my head almost drop to the table (it's so relaxing!)
-my hair

-my newly spiffed up NAILS!!
-my nails!! they deserve twice the amount of awesomness
-these shoes (i hope i love them in person!)
-date night with the girls tomorrow night. tres excited folks
-watching avery play cars, and listening to him make the vroom vroom sound

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