Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i like my outfit...

booties/dress/cardi: ruche, belt: aldo

this outfit might not seem like much, but i was really excited that i put it together.
a dress and a cardi that i've had for three months, but never paired them together.
and i get to wear this dress, which was at the back of my closet because i found it sort of dressy (it has rosettes on one shoulder)
last night, as i picking out my outfit for today, i was determined to put something together than i haven't paired before. this was the first thing i grabbed, and i was so excited i texted jana right away...then took a pic of myself and emailed her saying (yelling) LOOK HOW CUTE I AM!!
the only problem with this picture:
my hair and postpartum boobs...yuck

tomorrow, i'm taking 1/2 off work for some personal fun.
getting my nails done and hunting for some spring accessories, which will prove difficult given the lack of local shopping here. but it will be better than sitting at my desk at work

have a happy hump day!


jana said...

when i just read that you were "really excited" i was like "man was she ever..." and thought of the text/email... but you included it in your post!! i feel so special! :)
super cute!
what's tomorrow's outfit??

Ashley said...

I love taking random personal days! They are the best. Love your outfit too. :)


SO gorgeous! I too get very excited when I find new ways to put things together & you've done a fab job with this outfit -LOVE it. xx veronika