Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what's in my bag....

i finally have a purse, for the past year i have been going between old purses, avery's diaper bag, or just my pocket to hold things.
i really need a new one, it took me this long to finally get a new one, and i love it.
love the flowers and it's style
and it's big with out being 'old lady big' as jamie would say
i can fit lots inside and still have room to toss in a diaper and wipes for avery.
5 lip glosses (jana has me beat by 5, haha), thought bubble post it's, latest issue of lou lou, my iphone, a pen, stride mystery flavor gum, sunglasses for avery, vanilla bean noel hand sanitizing cream, my 12 week ultrasound pic from when i was pregnant with avery (i left it in my purse for so long after my appointment i became superstitious about taking it out before i gave birth...i'm still not ready to take it out), bird notepad and mini pen, a hair tie and frost mints.

just put my little beaner to bed, now it's time to get on the treadmill (droan) for an hour...
xo, melissa


jana said...

i'm a lip balm/gloss fanatic...
i'll have to play this game later this week! hehe

Anik Milk said...

Hah, i have 2 lipglosses in my bag, but I've never used one of them.
Love the flowers on your bag!


Andrea said...

Goegeous purse! I should do this just so I can find out how many lip glosses/chapsticks I have in my purse!